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Tap Rooms & Distilleries

The popular trend of micro brews and small batch distilleries has not been lost on Aberdeen. With our maritime climate that's ideal for growing barley strains that have low protein and high starch, local farmers can grow the strains of barley used in the Old World to make single malts, and distillers can age their whiskeys in the same temperature as much of the world’s best scotch.


Steam Donkey Brewing

Aberdeen has a microbrewery and it’s pretty freaking awesome. (It’s actually the first brewery in Aberdeen for over 70 years) With the tagline ‘Work Hard, Drink Beer’ you know you’re getting well made, no nonsense beer. All beers are made from 100% organic yeast, hops and grains from Pacific Northwest Farms. Conveniently located right next door to the Wine Sellars. Learn more here:


The Tap Room

Just around the corner you will find The Tap Room. With twelve handles, there’s a little bit of something for everyone. You will find Porters, IPAs, Stouts and more and rotate their handles on a regular basis. They also stock a couple bottles of wine, cook up a few varieties of flatbread pizza and keep board and card games out for customers to enjoy.


Wishkah River Distillery

A small tasting room and friendly staff greet you and line up the shot glasses. Try the gin, the vodka and all of the whiskeys. They even keep Dry Soda on hand and will mix up a small tester of gin with the Cucumber soda. Try it. Say yes to everything, you won't be disappointed. Check out their site here:

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